Reader Requested
Lust Ive been watching for the signs, All night and I feel like, When we look in each others eyes, My jaw feels paralyzed, Im thinking we should get married, But Im thinking about a water ride, And about you riding me, In the tub we can surf and slide, Im sweating, Im throbbing, Im picturing you on your knees, Im rolling these trees, Your lips are touching me, You cant wait, so don't stop, I want it now, our eyes lock, You are on your back, And Of course Im on top, Our clothes are coming off, Your body is that of a goddess, Im not trying to be modest, Im just between your thighs, Fucking you and your mind, And Im out of mines, Because All I can think about, Is you and how you shout, Oh those dirty words, Nails to skin you leave your mark, Nipples between my lips as you arc, I kiss slick skin so soft, Im still turned on, Please I beg you to get me off. And you do, A couple of times, maybe even a few. Then reality sets in, This is just lust, And I just like fucking you, Im sorry its true. Your taste is a must, Im wet on arrival, Again it starts like this, But this has no survival, I dont love you, Only your lust is what I miss. - Samantha Underwood (1/16/14)