Andrew Reid just wants to be recognized as a loyal servant to the Lord and Church, but things quickly get out of hand. After numerous offerings and sacrifices Andrew is fed up and is now setting fires and raising Hell.

After being married for almost a year the fire between the newlyweds is still red hot. However, not everyone is happy with the new marriage, and someone is looking to put out the flame. A blast from the past stirs Leah’s emotions and she begins to question Carla’s.

Carla’s insecurities may get the best of her as her own decisions come back to bite her. When a new case comes up, a certain blonde Spy returns and Leah’s faults are exposed. Carla sees a side of her wife she never knew existed and wonders how she can deal with it. Leah’s confidence is shaken as she struggles to be the perfect wife.

As she races to catch the arsonist and defends her love, Leah fights to keep history from repeating itself in this short story erotica sequel to Love After Atlanta, “Flames.”

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