Look Inside

Love After Detroit

We begin by meeting Graham Fiento, Leah’s ‘younger sister’ and Koby David, both Heirs to powerful crime families in the city of Detroit.

Groomed to take over the family business Leah is brought back and not everyone is happy. With Leah returning Koby is called to take her rank as Heir and begin her final training. 
Graham and Koby form a bond that will force everything in the dark to come to the light.

The new connection breaks the hold Leah has on reality and soon she can’t tell what is real or fake.

Leah Fiento’s world turns upside down in the second part of the book when she realizes that she has lost her memory and everything she knows is wrong.

See how love takes the mask off and brings the real Leah Graham “Scorpio” Fiento home in this psychological journey of remembering oneself.